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I loved the ease and stress free of the bookkeeper’s personalities.  How many real people they have for customer care, and how responsive everyone is.

Amanda Lee

They gave us reports that were more useful and easy to understand.  Better than anything we’ve seen before. Which is important for our business. 

Timothy Stevens

I highly recommend RAM TAXES to any small business. I have valued the ease of working with my bookkeeper and being organized when it comes to my business finances.

Catherine Gilbert

Rick was always available to us when we had any situation that need to be handled ASAP. I would highly recommended RAM TAXES.

Nicole Peterson

They are the best partner that we’ve engaged with across all area’s of Tax consulting and Bookkeeping Services.

Jose Johnson

They have a way of  making everything simple.  No surprises.  I would highly recommend them for Tax and Bookkeeping services.

Lyuda Melnyk

Rick Ramos, did an amazing job helping us with our tax needs. Saved us a lot of money.  He is definitely a top professional in his field and I would highly recommend him and his services to anyone.

Elina Eksarko

I would highly recommend RAM TAXES for all Tax and Bookkeeping related work and fillings. Its a very friendly atmosphere, Comfortable and professional.

Sarah Sanchez

Rick Ramos’s company has done our taxes for several years now and there is a reason for that … he is good. Besides that, Rick is truly invested in us.  He makes a point of discussing everything with us. He welcomes questions and patiently covers all of our options. We will stay with him for as long as he is available. Thanks Rick!

Arnaldo Miccoli

RAM TAXES helped us with a complicated issue we had due to a house purchase from a prior year.  They were able to resolve the issue with the IRS. It was nice having someone who knows what they are doing on our side. 

Julia Shishka

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